Friday, October 21, 2011

Chapter 1-14 Quiz

Click on the ASSIGNMENT tab at the top of the page and complete the quiz.

When you have finished the quiz, write a 3-4 sentence comment (in the box below) explaining your quiz grade, why you think you received this grade, and what you can do next week to improve your grade.

Example: I got a 85% on the quiz. I did all my homework this week and was focused in class, so I got most of the chapter questions correct. I missed two questions about the memories because that part was confusing to me. Next week I will make sure I attend Coach Class before the quiz so I can ask Mrs. Shaw questions about events I do not understand.

Holes is DIGITAL!

Below is a link for the digital copy of Holes! (Not that any of you would EVER misplace your copy)

Welcome 8th Graders!

Hello 8th graders!  I am so excited to be starting our first blog together.  Your first assignment will be to post a 2 sentence reaction to today's reading.  Use one of the following sentence starters:
- After reading this chapter I felt...
- One thing that I found confusing was...
- I was shocked when I read...
- My favorite part of this chapter was when...